Above Ground Installation (No Dig Method)

Where to Install Your Transmitter Box When looking for a good place to install a transmitter box, we prefer a garage, shed, or inside a closet or cabinet in the home. A garage, basement, crawl space, or attic are usually the best place to install your transmitter. This will save you time and materials when installing. Finally, your transmitter box needs to be installed in a dry spot where the temperature remains above the freezing point and where the box will be protected from the elements. Is the box protected against weather damage? The transmitter box must be kept above freezing. Is it a working outlet?

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Level Phillips head screwdriver or power drill 1 Choose a good location for your transmitter. See my article on planning your installation for more guidance. Measure the distance between the screw holes on the back of your transmitter. Now, use the level and a ruler to mark your wall where your screws will go.

The Transmitter Box. The transmitter box (also often referred to as the Control Box) is the point of control for your entire system. The transmitter creates the signal that runs through the wires and forms the boundary that your dog will learn to stay within.

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An underground fence is an attractive option for some dog owners because it doesn’t detract from the landscape yet keeps their dogs inside the fenced area. Underground fencing is also typically.

Chanda Benjamin May 12, at Doing research and am unclear about t-posts, as I have horse pasture fenced this way, I eAt to do above ground installation, will the t-posts interfere? Can I run the wire thru the insulators if they are set at ground level? Will the hot horse wire interfere? To further complicate things I live in a mobile home and have a metal roof, I do have a cement block basement. Can I set it in the basement?

My barn also has a galvanized metal roof, and I believe the house roof is aluminum. Should I get the receiver outside? So much to figure out. I have 3 large dogs to contain on 8 acres. We recommend installing the transmitter inside a waterproof area that does not drop below freezing connected to an electrical outlet.

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Started my doggie on the vibration setting. She reacted and stopped her digging 5 out of 5 This is a nice, affordable training tool. The only issue is that we bought it for our puppy and the collar it comes with is huge so we had to find a way to attach it to her existing collar and put the other collar away. But I totally recommend this product. My German Shepherd puppy is doing great with it.

3 ICT Transmitter Installation Features and Functions The ICT Invisible® pet containment system is designed for a system with a single signal field wir e that may consist of up to 2, feet(m) of

Underground fencing is also typically less expensive than above-ground fencing and is available from a variety of retailers. Hooking up, or installing, an underground fence so it is pet-safe is important and requires following a few basic tasks. Avoid placing the fence line through obstacles such as roots and hard surfaces as much as possible. Select a location for the fence’s transmitter. It should be a dry, indoor area such as a garage with an electrical outlet, but it should be away from the circuit breaker panel and other electrical devices, including a water heater, that could interfere with the transmitter’s signal.

If the two-strand wire has no stripped end, then use a wire stripper to remove about 1 inch of insulation from one end of its set of two wires. Remove at least 1 inch of insulation from the first length of wire’s end that is in your yard, using wire strippers on both of the two-strand wire’s wires.

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How the System Works ® ® The Series Transmitters are designed to work with an Invisible Fence Brand Titanium Computer Collar unit to contain your pet within areas you choose, or teach your pet to avoid specifi c areas such as fl ower beds, gardens, or pools.

What is static correction? Static correction is a mild electrical pulse, similar to the sensation you feel when you walk across carpet and touch a doorknob. It doesn’t hurt but it is startling, and is a proven safe and effective behavior deterrent for pets. When first using the product, keep your pet on a leash. When he receives the correction, lead him back into the defined boundary, and reassure him with calm, gentle tones. He will regard the static correction as a deterrent.

Will this work for my yard? You can create nearly any layout that will work best for you and your pet. We recommend you plan your layout and measure the length of wire you need, lay the wire out in your yard and test it with your transmitter. It may help to add percent of wire length to your estimate to cover things like turning corners or twisting the wire to cancel the signal. See Operating and Training Guide for more tips.

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You’d have to connect a ground wire and tie it off as close to the transmitter’s the wall socket that the perimeter wires connect to ground as possible. For your second question, I’d go to home depot and peruse the electrical section. When I installed my invisible fence, I used either the crimpable ones, called a butt splice, but found that the wire rusted out and dropped the signal to ground in a rain storm, -or- the new fancy ones like the following: If this sounds a little “hack-ish” don’t worry, if you study the electric fence’s supplied manual and inferred method you’ll see they are just as bad.

This is low voltage stuff, so you won’t get shocked. I would think that 15 feet of the twisted wire is more than sufficient.

Connecting the wires to the transmitter. Once you have run your boundary wire around your yard, creating the basic shape of your desired containment area, you should connect the boundary wire to the fence transmitter and confirm the system works properly prior to burying the wire.

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