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Can You Go Back to Court for Custody After You Gave Your Child to Your Spouse?

A few weeks ago I attended a continuing legal education seminar and one of the topics of discussion was finding information about a party using the internet. The speaker was really more experienced in using these sites to gain information about parties to injury cases, but I have seen it used in divorce and child custody matters as well. There are tons of stories out there of old high-school sweethearts rekindling their relationships on Facebook with current marriages left in the dust.

But, how can Facebook or Twitter be used against you in a divorce or child custody case?

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April 28, at 2: When my ex left the state of Florida 2 yars ago the juge aknowledged she broke the law. Did he do anything about it? Sorry I just made your life SUCK but know you did an excellent job as you are the runner up and loose everything to her. Now a year after given that order I have seen the inside of a court 3 times as much as I have my children as she has dragged me into court in Chicago now to ask a judge to not give me ANY visitation or communication ever again only on the grounds of abiguous commentary and accusations.

Angel, your right the attornies are out for themselves, the courts are out for the mother and the father is fighting for the best interest of the children and left holding an empty bag. We are better off pulling our resources, going to congress and changing the laws to send any violator of a court order to be punished for their crime as a misdeminor at the least.


But after the dust has settled, more often than not you start to see the clues that all wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be for a good long while, if not the whole time. And while it could be easy to say that his whirlwind year got the better of him, prompting the demise of his marriage, it seems more likely that their marriage was on shaky ground long beforehand. And with what seemed like at least a restorative split now dissolving into a bitter custody battle, the lines between their happy times and their hard times are really no clearer in hindsight.

For most parents going through a divorce, custody issues are the primary concern. However, it’s important to realize that the courts have one goal: to ensure that the post-divorce custody agreement is in the best interests of the child.

Read this informative article. How to get custody as a father? Whether that is full custody from the mother or joint custody with the mother, a father must plan and prepare carefully to obtain custody. We have represented many fathers who found themselves in custody battles, sometimes with an unrelenting mother, and we still helped those dads prevail. What you read here is not a magical formula on getting custody. There is no such thing. Instead, this article will focus on the much needed dose of common sense and California law.

Can One Parent Take a Child Out of State Prior to Divorce Filing?

Leave this field empty if you’re human: Cluster B personality disorders, whether diagnosed or not, are the common denominators in high-conflict divorce and custody battles. The three disorders that are most common in conflict are: Borderline Personality Disorder more common with females than with males , Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorders more common in males than in females. With each of these three Cluster B disorders, there is a pronounced lack of empathy and a repeated testing of laws, rules, and personal boundaries.

Outrageous family law decisions: a call for reform of the family courts and family laws. The problems caused by therapeutic jurisprudence, custody evaluators, custody evaluations, guardians ad litem, fatherhood exaltation and fathers’ rights, joint custody.

Share ‘Ciara has never prevented him from seeing his child. The rapper took to Twitter on Monday to complain about his custody battle with Ciara to see their toddler son Future Zahir Change of heart: He is unable to move on and co-parent in a healthy way. Future has told her he hopes she fails in everything she does and that’s just being evil. Ciara and Future announced their engagement after just nine months of dating ‘I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture I ran outta patience.

Following the birth of Future Zahir in May , the pair split three months later amidst rumours of Future’s infidelity. Ciara with her now month-old son Future Zahir at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Award last July In an interview with a radio station last year – before she started dating Russell – Ciara addressed her break-up from Future: But I have the greatest gift, the greatest joy of my life is my son.

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However, as someone who went through a long custody battle himself, and lost, I was happy to see a post where a dad didn’t give up and was granted custody. Would you fight for anyone for 8 years? This post lifted my spirits.

Today we know that an agreement as been reached and was accepted by the judge as the final judgement. Thomas has received full custody of the children. The agreement, posted exclusively by FitsNews states that he will consult with Kathryn on all major events regarding health, education and so forth. However, should the two disagree, Thomas is sole decision maker. Kathryn will have open access to all medical and educational records of the children. This arrangement is Phase One of the visitation agreement.

During this phase she will have supervised visits every other weekend. This Phase continues for eight visits. Kathryn must continue to pass drug and alcohol tests in order to Keep these visitation rights. This phase should last approximately four months. If any visitations are missed, she must complete eight visits before moving to the next phase. Actually this phase will last until she has passed six months of hair follicle tests; however, the agreement also says this phase will last until October 15th.

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I was struck by a blog post this week. But I have a stilted view on the subject. Simply, making an effort? Reply 2 Carolyn July 23, at 8: As a parent, doing the very best you can each day for your child. Reply 3 Tammy July 21, at

This is especially true as she continues to go through a custody battle with Pitt. Also, the actress has yet to finalize her divorce, so the idea that she’s already looking for a “fourth.

He was married for 10 years and has been divorced for about 2. His ex still gives him a hard time, but he says that he has moved on. He has custody of one child and she the other. We spend majority of our time together. He said that he expected me to pull back, but not cut it off completely. Then, he back peddled and said he prays daily for god to release some of the things in his life. Being a woman, I accepted his logic and things have been good.

We were talking and he told me to purchase whatever I like, but remember that I want to have kids in a few years and that I would have to get a new car.

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