History of Thessaloniki

Find out useful information on how to organize your travel to Thessaloniki. Accommodation Hotels in Thessaloniki are concentrated at the city center so that they are in close distance to shops and sights. In particular, the regions around Aristotle Square, Egnatia, Ladadika and the Beach Promenade are the liveliest parts of the city and boast a wide variety of accommodations, from luxurious five-star hotels and suites, to budget hotels and hostels with simple facilities. These quarters are the most convenient place to stay during your Thessaloniki holidays. Hotels Things to see and do Thessaloniki is the second largest of all Greek cities. It is located in the region of Macedonia. The rich culture and long history of Thessaloniki Greece is evident through the various sites of the town. The most famous monument of Thessaloniki Greece is certainly the White Tower, the symbol of the town, located above the port.


Implored of God by childless parents, Demetrius was their only son, and so was raised and educated with great care. When his father died, Emperor Maximian appointed Demetrius as commander in his place. As he appointed him, Maximian, an opponent of Christ, particularly recommended that he persecute and exterminate the Christians in Thessalonica. Demetrius not only disobeyed the emperor but openly confessed and preached the Lord Jesus Christ in the city of Thessalonica.

When the emperor heard of this he became furious with Demetrius. Then, when he was returning from battle against the Sarmatians, Maximian stopped at Thessalonica to investigate the matter.

Thessaloniki lies on the northern fringe of the Thermaic Gulf on its eastern coast and is bound by Mount Chortiatis on its southeast. The metropolitan area of the city extends around an area of 1, km² ( sq mi), which includes many beachside and hilly suburbs, while its densest part, which makes up the urban area of the city and what Thessalonians usually refer to as the “City of.

Revered as early as BC, the sacred precinct was home to the famous Oracle, in which the god himself counseled his people through the mouth of an intoxicated priestess. The version of Apollo worshipped on the island was Apollo Delphinios – the god in the form of a dolphin – and it was from this that the holy city derived its name. As the center of the world and the dwelling place of Apollo, Delphi was thronged with pilgrimsfrom across the ancient world.

Generals, kings, and individuals of all ranks came to the Oracle of Delphi to ask Apollo’s advice on the best course to take in war, politics, love and family. After the inquirer made a sacrifice, a priestess uttered cryptic pronouncements which were then translated by a priest see “The Oracle,” below, for more details. There were two earlier temples on the site: Some archaic capitals and wall blocks are preserved from the first temple and many of wall blocks and some pediment sculptures are extant from the second.

The Pythian Games held at Delphi were one of four Panhellenic games held in ancient Greece, and they attracted competitors from all over the Greek world.

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Belgrade [ edit ] There are a number of weekly departures to Belgrade Serbia in Thessaloniki and Athens, in the arrangement of the Greek and Serbian Agency. From Belgrade to Thessaloniki and the rest of Europe there are plenty of bus connections from the main bus station in Belgrade or agencies. Sofia [ edit ] There are several buses leaving from Sofia. One bus leaves at 8PM and arrives at 1: You can catch this bus if you continue on an imaginary line at the end of Maria Luisa street.

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Hagios Demetrios

View of the New Mosque When Sultan Murad II captured Thessaloniki and sacked it in , contemporary reports estimated that about one-fifth of the city’s population was enslaved. No Jews were recorded in the census suggesting that the subsequent influx of Jewish population was not linked [85] to the already existing Romaniots community.

Some historians consider the Ottoman regime’s invitation to Jewish settlement was a strategy to prevent the ethnic Greek population from dominating the city. On 18 May, when Yusuf learned of the insurrection to the villages of Chalkidiki , he ordered half of his hostages to be slaughtered before his eyes. In June , regular Ottoman soldiers attacked and destroyed the Janissary base in Thessaloniki while also killing over 10, Janissaries, an event known as The Auspicious Incident in Ottoman history.

Still preserved in Thessaloniki are remains of an ancient Roman palace group dating from the early fourth century, including the Arch of Galerius, and citadel walls and towers dating .

Dictionary , Thesaurus , Wikipedia. It is the second largest city in Greece, a major modern port, and an industrial and commercial center. Exports from the port opened in include grain, food products, tobacco, manganese and chrome ores, and hides. The city’s industries produce refined oil, steel, petrochemicals, textiles, machinery, flour, cement, pharmaceuticals, and liquor. It is the site of an annual trade fair. The city is famous for its many fine churches, notably those of St.

George, and of St. The ruins of the triumphal arch of Emperor Constantine are there, in addition to Aristotle Univ. It flourished after B.

Thessaloniki: Architecture

Larger settlements like Jericho arose along salt and flint trade routes. Northern Eurasia was resettled as the glaciers of the last glacial maximum retreated. World population was at a few million people, likely below 5 million. Researchers probing the ocean bottom have found story-high towers of stone deep in the ocean near a section of volcanic fault ridges that extend for 6, miles along the Atlantic Ocean floor.

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Thessaloniki Travel Guide

See Article History Alternative Titles: As a military and commercial station on the Via Egnatia, which ran from the Adriatic Sea east to Byzantium i. The city prospered in the Byzantine Empire despite repeated attacks by Avars and Slavs in the 6th and 7th centuries.

History of Thessaloniki. The city’s history dates back more than years. It was founded in B.C. by Cassander, king of Macedonia, on the site of old prehistoric settlements dating back to city was named after the king’s wife Thessalonica, sister of Alexander the Great. The city developed rapidly and soon became a commercial and cultural centre of Macedonia and of the.

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11 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Thessaloniki & Easy Day Trips

Home to an international trade fair, a film festival, and nightlife that is famed throughout the country, Thessaloniki is a charismatic city with a very interesting and diverse history. Discover important historic, cultural, and religious monuments, and see how the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires have fused together to make the city what it is today.

The Thessaloniki Jewish Heritage Tour will amaze you, as your True Greece guide unravels the fascinating history behind a community of people that have been part of the city for over years! Thessaloniki and its surrounding area have a truly intriguing history and enjoying a Thessaloniki day tour will surely complement your experience in northern Greece. Together with your True Greece guide, explore this interesting archaeological site and learn about the athletic festivals and theatrical performances that once took place here.

Discover how well laid-out this ancient city was with an elaborate network of paved roads that set boundaries between houses and allowed for the free circulation of pedestrians and vehicles.

Hagios Demetrios, Thessaloníki. likes · 3, were here. The Church of Saint Demetrius, or Hagios Demetrios, is the main sanctuary dedicated to Saint /5().

It stands in the square of the same name, a basilica with cupola, tending towards the cruciform with dome. On the east side there are three apses recesses , while on the west side, there is evidence of a covered gallery. The original church was probably built in the 4th century and dedicated to the Wisdom of God, immediately after the triumph and establishment of Christianity by the Decree of Mediolanon and the 1st Ecumenical Synod In its present form, the church is probably a building from the times of Justinian 6th century or a little later 7th-8th century.

Fires and earthquakes have damaged it. During Turkish rule, it was turned into a mosque. Demetrius The church of Agios Dimitrios, the patron saint of Thessaloniki, was first built in the early 4th century as a small house over the vault of the Roman baths in which the Saint was martyred. A century later the sub-prefect Leontius, cured of a serious illness by the grace of the Saint as he believed, built in the place of the house the magnificent basilica, which at that time dominated over the whole city.

In the 7th century, this monument of early Christianity was destroyed by fire, not aided by the fact that its roof was of wood. It was immediately rebuilt, more or less in its original form, but was once more burnt in the fire of

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Archaeological Site of Aigai modern name Vergina Outstanding Universal Value Brief synthesis The city of Aigai, the ancient royal capital of Macedon, was discovered in the 19th century. Aigai provides important information about the culture, history and society of the ancient Macedonians, the Greek border tribe that preserved age-old traditions and carried Greek culture to the outer limits of the ancient world.

The most important, already excavated, archaeological remains of the site are: Three royal burial clusters have been already excavated. Twelve monumental temple-shaped tombs are known.

Thessaloniki Tours – Dion Tour, Thessaloniki City Tour, Pella, Vergina Located in northern Greece, Thessaloniki is the second largest city in the country. Home to an international trade fair, a film festival, and nightlife that is famed throughout the country, Thessaloniki is a charismatic city with a very interesting and diverse history.

The mythology of this spectacular city precedes it, with towering temples to Classical deities and the ruins of ancient marketplaces rubbing shoulders with lively nightlife, crowded flea markets, and contemporary cuisine. Make the most of your time in the city at some of these spots: The Parthenon is the temple, the Acropolis is the hill. This temple to Athena has enchanted visitors since its construction was completed in BC.

Find your perfect souvenir or sun hat in the busy stalls of the Monastiraki flea market. In the evening, you’ll sit down to drink to your upcoming adventure with a wine tasting in a bar in downtown Athens.

Thessaloniki subway dig unearths secrets of ‘city under the city’

Thessaloniki Upper Town Walking Tour Upper Town Thessaloniki is the most ancient part of the city that is approximately years old. Here you may see the ancient Byzantine wall with its towers, ancient religious sites with Byzantine mosaics and frescoes, and other remnants of the city’s great civilization. Take this tour to have a closer look of what’s left.

Some of the twelve apostles visited the city and wrote epistles to its people, which entered the cannon of New Testament.

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Its interior is decorated with Early Christian mosaics; outside is the city’s only surviving minaret. It was probably intended to be his mausoleum, but it was never used as such. Many Christian legends about the persecuting emperor’s last years developed in Thessaloniki, such as his repentance on his deathbed as he suffered from painful and disgusting sores an affliction ascribed to many enemies of the Church in early writings. It was also said that his daughter was secretly a Christian, who was martyred as well.

The Rotunda of Galerius was converted into a Christian church in the late 4th century or mid-5th century. The date of conversion to a church has been difficult to determine with any certainty.