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Baby Doll — Hollie Overton Four Perfect Pebbles — Marion Blumenthal Everything is Awful — Matt Bellassai All the Good Things — Clare Fisher A Day in Prison — John Fuller Six Ponies — Josephine Pullein Thompson An Idiot in Marriage — David Jester Best Intentions — Erika Raskin

Singapore’s bill proves KL-Singapore high speed rail project on schedule – Johor exco

This event is open to Christians of all denominations Registration closed for ladies, 5 seats left for men Our upcoming board games event will be held at at the heart of Somerset. We promise you, with all the beloved children of God gathered in one location, it’s bound to be a night of fun, laughter, and revelry. So mark your calendars and pick out your outfits be sure to dress to impress!

I would really appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this one. I was on holiday in Aosta in July with my disabled child. She is a full time wheelchair user and .

He had managed to finish second while title rival Sebastian Vettel could only finish fourth. Combined with his win in Singapore a fortnight earlier that was 31 points he had put on the German in the space of just a fortnight. He should have been ecstatic. He knew, though, that this was another bullet dodged. Here Vettel should have won by 30 seconds so dominant was his car.

The Finn never started the race. It was another gift for Mercedes, who struggled for pace all weekend but somehow left with the constructors’ championship all but tied up. The Briton took pole on Saturday with a sensational and quite unexpected lap although still it required a final-corner mistake from Raikkonen and an engine failure for Vettel but he could do nothing about Verstappen in the race.

The Dutch driver, who had celebrated his 20th birthday on Saturday, took just four laps to pass Hamilton and never looked back, celebrating his second win in the sport almost 18 months after his first in Barcelona last year.

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He said the bill showed proof that the project was progressing according to schedule. On Tuesday, a bill to support the construction, operation and regulation of the HSR and Rapid Transit System RTS projects, both linking the two countries by rail, was introduced in the Singapore parliament. The bill reportedly empowered Singapore government to suspend cross-border train services when there were imminent risks to commuter safety, including in cases of malfunctions of the service or terrorist act.

The bill was tabled by the republic’s Second Transport Minister Ng Chee Meng, and it will be tabled for a second reading at the next parliament sitting. The Malaysian and Singaporean governments signed an agreement on Dec 13, last year to build the km railway project linking Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

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Source This is where your favourite Sisters Crispy Popiah stalls first began. This stall is still manned by the actual family members and yes it does taste different. For one, the popiah skin is thinner and not tinted green, plus there are no fancy add-ons. This is the original no-fuss no-frills crispy popiah where your only option is whether you want it spicy or not.

Source Part of the experience is definitely to witness how the popiahs are made. The aunty moves at lightning speed making up to 10 popiahs at one go in under than a minute! As for the taste, you get the perfect combination of sweet and savoury with crunchy bits all enveloped in a skin just thick enough to hold all the filling. Located in the same Imbi Market as Ah Weng Koh, they are only open in the mornings or until sold out which is usually before noon.

The chicken is marinated with a host of spices and then deep fried to perfection with a crispy skin and moist, juicy flesh. This place also offers other add-ons like the sambal sotong spicy squid and rendang chicken or beef.

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Wednesday, October 11, Speed dating in the classroom Speed dating is a technique that teachers can employ when we want students to work in pairs, and at the same time work with or talk to several different people, or even to talk personally to each and every one in the class. Put students into two lines, and ask them to face each other. Give them two or three minutes to talk to each other, or any amount of time that you feel suitable according to your class objective.

You may play some music as they speak, or use a whistle to control their movement. When the time is up, you may pause the music or blow your whistle to make them move one step or two steps to the left to match them to a new partner. Repeat this step a few times until you are satisfied that they have talked to enough people as you wish.

Saskatoon summer speed dating will keep you busy all season long if you’re single and ready to meet new people near you. Check out the full schedule below to save the date for six upcoming events in July, August, and September at Finn’s Irish Pub.

Scientific Speed Dating at Cosyne Theorists and experimentalists searched for compatible mates. Share This February 28, Speed dating participants searching for a scientific match. At the Computational and Systems Neuroscience Cosyne conference in Utah in February, 15 experimentalists and 15 theorists and data analysts pitched their talents in a speed-dating-style event. Each pair chatted for three minutes to figure out if they had potential for a scientific spark and then moved on to the next candidate.

At the end of the event, participants chose three people they wanted to collaborate with. If the feeling is mutual, they will be matched with their selections. They were brainstorming ways to encourage shy scientists to connect, ideally in a structured format where people would give short elevator pitches about their work to many different individuals.

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November 23, 10kt. Super strong nautical link made from cast solid links. Finished weight in 10 karat yellow gold is Looking unworn showing no wear on any of the 18 links. Secured by an integrated link clasp with side safety. November 16, 10kt.

Speed dating kl At Halal Speed Dating, all matchmaking sessions begin with a talk on marriage in must be accompanied to the event by a chaperone – typically a parent – and after the session, a man matched with an interested woman has to .

These activities are designed to help meet security objectives in the software life cycle. Speedup software delivery with security in mind by Denny Desc: Focusing on the speed on deliveries and creating secure by default software, Bio: Denny began his IT career as a software developer, have 5 years experience in developing application on various platform and it was a great advantage to jump into application security as a professional penetration tester for almost 5 years.

He was also nominated as community star for being the go-to person in the community whose contribution and knowledge sharing has helped many professionals in the security industry. The resources provided by SAMM will aid in: Most of the AppSec program fails because of lack of programmatic approach and strategic rollout. Participants will learn about an importance of a Security Program Management, how it solves people, process and technologies challenges in implementing an AppSec program, driving results and metrics relevant to the different stakeholders.

He is skilled beyond existing static analysis tools and code review techniques and shaping the way the industry secures code in a Continuous Deployment world. He has worked with various financial and non-financial institutions to implement software security life-cycle and has strong experience of creating an organizational framework to break silos security culture in the organization and builds a unified approach to deal with the root cause of software security problems.


April 15, Hello Book Lovahs! I want to share with you a favorite book selection activity that the kids dig, is super silly and fun, creates a lot of excitement, and makes the books fly out of the library! I first blogged about this with you back in , added a genre twist last year , and now I’ve added a video and a few new tweaks!

This year, , is the 21st anniversary of the publication of the first randomized clinical trial to establish the superiority of DAPT over anticoagulant therapy among patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) (Figure 1). 2 Based on over 35 randomized clinical trials, including more than patients, DAPT is among the.

Source A shop in a mall may not be where you expect to find a really good bowl of prawn noodles but that is exactly where you will find this particular bowl of prawn noodles. The broth is made out of prawn shells which have first been fried with chili paste to bring out the flavour and aroma then boiled for hours with pork to develop the depth of flavour. The broth is rich and the prawn is juicy while the pork ribs tender. Daily 10 AM — 12 AM Well not exactly, but the shop is opened by Ang Kar Bee the third generation descendant of the family and her dad Uncle Peoh has moved down join his daughter in running the shop due to some family dispute.

Source They use the exact recipe with key ingredients like the prawn paste still being sourced from Penang and the Chili Paste is still ground on a stone grinder like the old days. Daily 9 AM — 9 PM My personal go-to is definitely Kee V. I only ever frequent the original shop which is a wooden home turned restaurant hidden amongst the housing area of Sg Chua.

It may be difficult to locate but once you find it you are definitely in for a treat. Source The open kitchen displays a line of claypots sitting on a bed of charcoals simmering away. The heady pepper taste in the soup will keep you going back for more. Kee V also serves a few other dishes that are also highly recommended.

There is a spicy pork belly claypot that is super spicy but to-die-for and spring rolls that are crispy on the outside and filled with tasty well-seasoned ground pork.

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Perfect Puzzle Dating Services is the first and only dating company catering exclusively to the ethnic singles of Melbourne. Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city with a strong ethnic population. The dating environment in Melbourne needs to cater for an ever increasing ethnic population. Perfect Puzzle Dating Services cater for your desire to find a partner within your own community. We listen to your requests and we also regularly look through our registration database prior to listing our events.

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You can just ask to be dropped in Jalan Jaksa and find a guest house by walking around. Price around , per night. Beer in a bar: Moto-taxis are the fastest way to get around in Jakarta Getting around is the worst thing about staying in Jakarta. Unless you can afford a helicopter, you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of time in traffic jams fortunately, less on weekends and after 9 PM. They allow you to order private cars, taxis or moto-taxis from your mobile phone for cheaper than what it normally costs.

Moto-taxis are not comfortable to use, especially when it’s hot outside, and they can be dangerous. Still, they are extremely popular because they cost almost nothing to use and they can beat the traffic.

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