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Bring Down the Sky installed: Focused on getting the job done with strangers, friendly with crew and fellow military, started going for Paragon points after Renegade bar capped out. Smiled when Garrus shot Dr. Let Tali have a copy of the Geth files. Helped Wrex get his family relic back. Romanced both Ashley and Liara, when forced to choose went with Ashley and got sexytime. Helped the Zhu’s Hope colonists with the initial sidequests, but killed them on the return trip then executed Shiala, the Thorian-ensconced asari. Also recovered Gavin Hossle’s mod-design data. Convinced Lorik to testify, mixed up an antidote for the infected scientists, didn’t kill the ERCS guards. Helped Mallene Calis spy on Rafael Vargas.

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Edit Turians typically stand over six feet tall, have two long, proportionately thick fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, each tipped with talons, and a set of mandibles around their mouths. The most distinguishing feature of turians is their metallic carapace, which contains trace amounts of thulium. The turians evolved this trait as a defense against the greater levels of solar radiation that penetrate their homeworld ‘s weak magnetic field.

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Bringing Mass Effect to a new galaxy isn’t quite the shot in the arm the series needed. What they find there is a vast and sometimes exciting action role-playing game that kept me engaged, but after the outstanding trilogy that created this universe, Andromeda is a disappointing follow up with some significant technical issues on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The quest to find a habitable and safe new home for tens of thousands of frozen colonists and form a functioning independent government along with colonists from the krogan, salarian, turian, and asari ships is an interesting struggle that sets this Mass Effect apart from the establishments of previous games.

Given that the original games have multiple background races like elcor, drell, vorcha, batarians, and more to add diversity and the sense that we were living in a universe full of different peoples, the Andromeda galaxy seems practically barren of intelligent life by comparison. Our new customizable protagonist, Ryder, quickly finds himself thrust into the leadership role of Pathfinder and placed in command of a ship, the Tempest.

On the whole, Ryder is a likable and well-acted character who can carry the story, and the idea of having the alternate-gender version of your character play a role in the story as a twin sibling is a novel idea and used to good effect. It can also be ridiculous if you choose to use the character creator to make the twins appear as completely different races — or just freakishly deformed, tattooed, and scarred. Most of the early dialogue choices we have to shape our version of Ryder are about how we want him to cope with this harrowing situation, and the options are usually either cocky overconfidence or self-doubt and pity without a lot in between.

But eventually it evens out, and we get to choose between idealistic Ryder and pragmatic Ryder as we resolve conflicts throughout the region. Exit Theatre Mode Your crew, meanwhile, is a fairly generic band made up almost entirely of existing Mass Effect humans and aliens, which despite their fairly deep and enjoyable backstories, always gave me feelings of deja vu.


On Feb 14, , by Tara Jayne Mass Effect is an action shooter RPG series from Bioware, and has won critics over worldwide with its fantastic graphics, gameplay, and story. Male Shepard Ashley Williams Ashley is a total space babe, with pouty lips and tons of attitude. She had some sight corrective surgery. She is religious and enjoys classic literature and poetry, but she can be distrustful of alien species.

If you romance Ashley, she shows her sweet and sultry side to you and she will often tell you about her family.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. That’s just a matter of opinion. I personally think Garrus is hands down the better character and romance — but not exactly right away. I will say in the start, Kaidan’s is more romantic lol in ME2, Garrus will be fumbling over himself completely unsure how to handle his feelings for you and it isn’t exactly, well, romantic lol so much as funny.

However, in ME3, I’d say his romance beats a lot of them out, including Kaidan. I believe there is a scene where children are discussed, and in the Citadel DLC, he says things like, that’s my girlfriend you’re talking to!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Objects No recent wiki edits to this page. Garrus agrees to join Shepard as a way to continue his investigation after C-Sec shuts it down due to the allotted time given for investigation expiring and lack of conclusive evidence. His father, who was also a C-Sec agent, was his primary influence in joining though it is possible Garrus has some degree of weapons and military training prior to his career at C-Sec, due to Turian traditions of National Service.

While working with C-Sec, he developed a strong hatred for rules and regulations which interfere with the bringing of justice to the criminal. It was one of the reasons Garrus departed the Citadel, resigned from C-Sec and fought alongside Shepard who in contrast, had no boundaries as a council Spectre.

If I romance Thane in ME2, would I be able to romance Garrus in ME3? If I romanced Ashley on ME1 but want to romance someone else on ME2, will I be able to romance Ashley again on ME3 If so, are there consequences to my ME2 fling?

He also becomes a romance option for female Shepard. Like most turians, Garrus had military training at fifteen, but later followed in his He was responsible for the investigation of Saren Arterius, the Council’s top Spectre, after the Alliance claimed Saren had gone rogue. Though Garrus was told the investigation was over, he decided to defy the Executor’s order and pursue another lead on his own.

Eventually, Garrus joined Shepard’s team, to help the Commander defeat Saren and the geth. He joins Shepards squad in Mass Effect 2 to help Shepard defeat the collectors. Garrus will return in Mass Effect 3. He chafes under restriction, preferring to do things his own way, rather than “by the book”. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, however, and most of his “outside the book” efforts go towards bringing the criminals to justice any way he can. He highly respects individuals whose efforts are geared in this same vein.

When he is unable to do this, it eats at him, and is not lightly shaken off—failure does not agree with Garrus—if anything, it only gets worse the longer he is unable to do anything about the situation.

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Edit Garrus is a turian, an alien avian race resembling “humanoid birds or raptors. In the first game, Executor Pallin describes him as a “very good” officer albeit one with a lack of patience, while Harkin describes him as a “hothead” who “still thinks he can change the world”. Despite his rash decision making, Garrus will listen to what Shepard has to say. Design wise, Garrus wears a visor and has a blue-and-black theme to his armor. In Mass Effect 2 , while in Omega, Garrus is seriously injured by a gunships’s chain gun and rockets and so gains scars and a cracked armor.

Garrus’s voice actor, Brandon Keener , blamed C-Sec’s “demoralizing” bureaucracy for his reticence.

The first of the series begins before Mass Effect 1 where Ian is Garrus’ partner as a detective, the second begins when Garrus and Ian meet Shepard on the Citadel and features the events of the game, and the third installment begins with the destruction of the Normandy and features Ian’s escapades as Deadpool, part of Archangel’s crew.

There may have been Unresolved Sexual Tension earlier, romantic feelings on either side or even an unmistakable Held Gaze or two, but that was all on paper. This is it, the actual relationship. It’s happening, starting now. In a work, it’s that point where until further notice there’s no more sense in asking Will They or Won’t They? This is the kind of plot development that gets an audience’s attention, so it is often seen in parts of the plot where it is imperative for the story to do just that e.

If the relationship was a major source of tension in the work, and the writers don’t plan for introducing a new source of this nature instead of the one they just blew apart with this big bang of a payoff, they might find out the audience is not as interested in the story any more. Most commonly broadcasted with a First Kiss , but every once in a while you find a more drastic variant Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex comes to mind.

Compare Relationship Reveal —a moment where an implied but existing couple becomes canon. A move from casual to serious can involve I Got You a Drawer. Also compare They Do —the point past which the Romance Arc is concluded and the relationship becomes a constant that feeds other plot threads. Though they often coincide e.

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Mass Effect[ edit ] Garrus first appeared in the Mass Effect , as a squadmate. After the first mission, the player encounters his case against Saren being dropped by C-Sec officials, despite Garrus’s objections. If the player goes to the Med Clinic, they will encounter Dr. Chloe Michel being threatened by thugs, who Garrus will shoot after Shepard distracts them.

If the player does recruit him, Garrus can be found in the Normandy and be talked with after each main mission for new information about himself.

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Garrus come help us get this off of him. And what a piece of junk too. Here Sheppard, I found your gun. But Tali beats him to the kill. Why do you always get to have all the fun? Alright, on three we jump in the beam.

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Brandon Keener Garrus Vakarian is a fictional character in BioWare’s Mass Effect franchise, who acts as a party member or “squadmate” in each of the current three games. Garrus is a turian, one of the various alien species in Mass Effect, and is voiced by Brandon Keener. The character is initially introduced in the first game as a C-Sec officer tired of all the rules and regulations his job includes. Come Mass Effect 2 , Garrus forms a vigilante group on the crime-ridden Omega, before his team is wiped out due to betrayal.

Mass Effect 3 features him advising the other turians on how to defeat the Reapers.

Kaidan and Garrus: The Love Interest and the Bro. I had a chance last night to sit and really think about how I feel about the two potential LIs, and thought I’d sort of make a post about how I felt about each of them, perhaps in the hopes that others feel similarly, but .

Silverblade 8 years ago 2 I screwed up by just choosing Paragon route answers. Avoid giving him the response about “respecting him too much to risk their friendship on a one night stand” at which point, Garrus seems to decide against it. Magic Lawnmower User Info: Let him know you WANT the guy. Surprisingly realistic I feel, eventually he’s going to get bored with that crap. TwilitShadow TwilitShadow 8 years ago 5 After doing Garrus’ private mission, talk about how Turians prepare for high-risk operations.

Then, ask him how the sparring with the scout went. He’ll say that it was a brutal match, and that they had a little ‘tie-breaker’ in her quarters. Select the dialogue option: Garrus will say that he didn’t expect you to be willing to spar with him. Pick ‘That’s not what I meant.

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After Cerberus is destroyed, Garrus will return to Shepard as a full on squad-mate. After turning in intel on the Collectors to the Hierarchy, helping the escape Palaven, and being recognized for his work as Archangel, the Citadel council even the human council sees Garrus as a valuable asset to the war effort, and decides to re consider him as Spectre material. Usually, Spectre trainees have to go through numerous missions with a full fledged Spectre to judge if they are ready.

Mass Effect Galaxy (): This is a backstory set between the events of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and exclusively on the iOS platform. The story is focused around two characters who appear as squad members in Mass Effect 2: Jacob Taylor and Miranda Lawson.

AU Mass Effect rp posing a few simple what ifs. The lighter colored turian let out a snarl of aggravation, fists clenched tight enough at his sides to numb his fingers. Why is he being allowed to continue being a security breach? Thinking of the well being of the department is more important than some deadbeat leak. Vakarian swallowed back his rage.

Palen just gave him a stare that spoke volumes. The detective swallowed down the roar that threatened to surge from his throat and glared. After a long moment, the Executor sighed. Now, get out of here. He turned and left without bothering to salute.

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Garrus is a Turian who becomes a squad member in ME1 and you re recruit him again in ME2 but is unde r the name Archangel in Omega. He also becomes a romance option for female Shepard. He also becomes a romance option for female Shepard.

Dossier Edit Garrus was put in charge of investigating Saren after Ambassador Udina complained to the Council, claiming that Saren had gone rogue and attacked a human colony. Garrus, however, found himself hampered at every turn: He appealed to Executor Pallin for more time, but Pallin, seeing only that Garrus had not found any evidence of Saren’s guilt, ordered the investigation closed and reported that there was nothing to support a charge of treason.

However, Garrus had one lead and only needed more time to look into it. Regardless of Pallin’s orders, he decided to pursue it on his own. During the investigation to find out whether Saren had gone rogue, Commander Shepard can learn from Harkin that Garrus has gone to the Med Clinic in the Wards. If Shepard follows this lead, the Commander arrives to find Dr. Chloe Michel being threatened by a group of thugs, not realizing that Garrus is lying low nearby.

Shepard’s arrival distracts the thugs, allowing Garrus to take one of them out with a single well-placed head-shot. After the ensuing firefight, Garrus tells Shepard that he is leaving C-Sec: Now, however, he is determined to take Saren down. Shepard agrees to let him come along and become part of the Normandy’s crew. If Shepard recruits Wrex first, Garrus will come to Shepard requesting to join the team later, but the Med Clinic encounter will still be available.

It is possible for Shepard to refuse Garrus’s request and complete the journey without ever recruiting him.

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