Relationship tip: Make dating fun during the holidays

Forget the logistics of divorce diplomacy and whose house you are visiting for the meal. That is its own challenge for another dating article. Have the conversation beforehand. First of all, when your adult child opens the front door on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning with all of the nostalgic emotional expectations at work, that is not the time for them to see your hands intertwined and canoodling with another adult other than their birth parent. Look who I brought with me! Please do aim to have some kind of a conversation before the holiday occasion. It also depends on how long it has been since the end of your former marriage. Was it in divorce 25 years ago?

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When you are clear about what really matters to you, it will be much easier to see the big picture and let the small stuff go. If you experience a heightened sense of stress during the holidays and have trouble balancing your needs with those of loved ones, having boundaries in place will help you handle this season with more ease and integrity. Saying no can be tricky with family around the holidays especially if they are used to you always coming to a particular event or showing up at a certain time.

Letting go of expectations to have a made-for-TV holiday experience helps ground you in reality and give yourself permission to have whatever experience you are having. This is a great time to let yourself and your family off the hook—recognize this is a stressful time of year and do your best to focus on what is right in front of you.

Dating During the Holidays tara December 7, Dating During the Holidays T+ Tips and Ideas No Comment Getting a date is one thing, but starting to date during the holidays can be a tricky thing to handle.

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15 Key Dos and Don’ts for Dating During the Holidays

Call on your family and friends. Talk with loved ones about your emotions. Be honest about how you’d like to do things this year — if you want to talk about those who have passed, then do so, and let others know it’s OK.

Dating During the Holidays If you’re dating this holiday season, don’t forget that there are so many seasonal places and activities to enjoy and it’s a great time not only date, but to do some of the things you enjoy holiday spirit.

You get good food, amazing sales, holiday treats… and quality family time. As fun as the holidays are, they can be super duper stressful. Instead, follow these tips so you can have the best holiday with your family ever: So is everyone else’s. Your dad might be yelling about there being too many pies 1. Never too many pies while your brother is fighting you for the remote and your aunt is giving your mom grief for not sending her a card for her birthday five years ago.

Shutterstock Set Boundaries Whether you’ve got a bunch of family in town or you’re just home from college to see the parents, it’s important to set boundaries. Typically if you’ve been away, your parents will sort of treat you like you’re a little kid again. This is normal, albeit incredibly annoying.

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Share 8 Shares If you are going through a divorce you are well aware of how the process can become burdensome and prolonged. It is normal under such circumstances to want to be able to date freely. However, depending upon the specifics of your divorce, dating can be problematic. This is why before you start dating — or become involved in a relationship — before your divorce becoming finalized you should consider some basic facts.

Before we start, everything that we are going to mention in this article is opinion-based. We are not attorneys, and you should not view this in any way as legal advice.

Dec 24,  · If you are dating a few people casually during the holidays, make sure you remember who you took to what event, when.

Save Have you noticed there may be something in the air besides holiday spirit? Frustration and confusion maybe? This time of year can be challenging … especially for singles and new couples. Couples who seem to be getting along and going somewhere suddenly break up. They feel like they are the only one out there looking to connect.

During the holidays, it seems that many singles choose to hunker down and temporarily stop dating, and others abruptly end seemingly budding relationships.

8 Tips for Meeting Your Partner’s Family During the Holidays

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. My apologies for the long lapses between blogs recently. Anyhow, I was contacted by a reporter doing a story for the New York Post on a timely topic: A couple of years ago, some studies revealed that the holidays or, more accurately, the period just before the holidays are a peak time for breakups. McCandless specializes in taking data and putting it into elegant visual form, which he eventually transformed into a book. Which, as a visual learner who lives for maps and graphs, I very much appreciate.

Dating during the holidays is risky–I’ll admit that–but isn’t finding love worth the risk? If you’ve been in the dating world lately, hopefully you’ve found yourself a person that you’re genuinely interested in because this is the time that you will surely find out whether or not he is genuinely interested in you.

Is that the sound of jingle bells? Or another relationship shattering under the pressure of the holidays? In the potent end-of-year mix of expectation, joy and stress , many relationships will be tested…and found wanting. For newer couples, seemingly simple questions can become tests of commitment and compatibility. In the last week, I have both asked and been asked the following: Does your partner want to be included in the family gift giving this year? Do you want to bring your new friend to Christmas dinner?

The History of Mother’s Day

A number of ancient cultures paid tribute to mothers as goddesses, including the ancient Greeks, who celebrated Rhea, the mother of all gods. The ancient Romans also honored their mother goddess, Cybele, in a notoriously rowdy springtime celebration and the Celtic Pagans marked the coming of spring with a fertility celebration linking their goddess Brigid together with the first milk of the ewes.

During the 17th century, those living on the British isles initiated a religious celebration of motherhood, called Mothering Sunday, which was held on the forth Sunday during the Lenten season. This holiday featured the reunification of mothers and their children, separated when working class families had to send off their young children to be employed as house servants.

Dating during the busy holidays can be challenging! On top of your already packed schedule, you squeeze in shopping, office parties, and tree trimming—and somehow, .

Getty Images By Jodi Helmer Nov 14, Between the turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, biscuits, and pie, you’re apt to consume more than 4, calories and grams of fat during a typical holiday gathering. Don’t make your waistline pay the price for merrymaking. Here, experts share 14 tips for getting your fill of family gatherings between Thanksgiving and the New Year and actually losing weight—and you won’t have to skip out on turkey or pumpkin pie.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1 Make a plan Getty Images Before putting a single morsel on your plate, look at all of the offerings and decide which dishes you most want to eat. Making a plan for which foods to pick lets you indulge in your favorites and avoid extra calories from mindlessly choosing everything that’s available. Serving up smaller portions saves a lot of calories.

Worried eating less will leave you feeling deprived? Researchers at Cornell University fed study participants small or large portions of chocolate, apple pie, and chips and found that both groups felt equally satisfied with their indulgence—even though those given smaller portions ate half as many calories.

Single During The Holidays? 4 Ways To Start Dating Today

Also, certain months are good for relationships while others are more risky or problematic for relationships. I will assign values for both dating and relationships, 1 being horrible and 10 being fantastic. A few caveats before I do this… 1. As usual, I am forced to generalize.

Increasing those actions during the holidays can help deepen love so that it grows roots into the new year and beyond. Another way to keep up the energy of love is to focus on having a good time together.

We may lose motivation completely or feel we just don’t care about our loved ones, our other relationships or our work. We may feel that we’ve lost ourselves in the vastness of caregiving and that nothing we can do will make a difference. If you feel like this most of the time, you may have reached burnout. Anticipate your own holiday hot buttons Are there holiday activities or toxic relatives that trigger stress or unhappy memories?

Are you feeling grief or loss that overcomes you at certain times of day? Do unhelpful relatives regularly arrive for the holidays and criticize your caregiving? Are there topics it’s better to avoid when the family gathers? It may be best to limit your exposure to — or even avoid — certain places, events or people. If you can’t do that, prepare yourself. Minimize the drama, don’t try to resolve longtime family problems over the holidays, try short encounters and develop quick exit strategies.

Mentally put yourself in a protective bubble, letting negative energy bounce off without hurting, annoying or distressing you. Mind your own mind-set Acknowledge all your emotions, including fears, frustrations and sadness, during the holidays. All those emotions are perfectly normal. Try to stay mindful, concentrating on what you are doing in any given moment, rather than letting your mind wander to your ever-growing to-do list.

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When gathering with loved ones, it is often surrounding celebrations involving food. This can expose those of us on a therapeutic diet, with great temptation! It can also expose us to the criticism of our loved ones, who may be surprised at, or confused by our choices. If you find the right pace of change and a way of negotiating the social and emotional landmines of lifestyle and diet change, you are more likely to find your way to better health.

Adjusting to Change Take care to introduce changes at a pace that is right for you, depending on the urgency of the need, your adaptability and the current level of stress in your life. Focus on what positive changes you can make each week to take control of your diet and let the changes and benefits be accumulative.

Nov 06,  · Single During the Holidays? As a breakup expert and dating coach, I know all too well that many single people — particularly newly single people — often dread the holiday season, envisioning themselves enduring the upcoming string of holiday celebrations without a + truly, there is no need to worry about feeling lonely during the holidays.

These next few months are a trying time for those of us in recovery. Even though the holidays might be a tough time for you, there are steps you can take to stay sober. There is no need to be stressed out to the max over one holiday season in your lifetime. Have a plan This step is crucial. You want to do your best not to get caught off guard. Prepare yourself for any situation and what you would do if it happened. Turning down a drink should also be in your arsenal.

The most important of these is an escape plan. If you feel uncomfortable, tempted, or upset at the thought of being in the presence of alcohol or drugs this holiday season, you have every right to leave and go home right away. Your plan should include other action items like calling another sober friend, going to a meeting, exercising, or meditation.

This is extremely important for staying sober at any time, but especially during the holidays.