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In Vietnam, illegal taxi drivers have so many tricks up their sleeve, especially when it comes to foreigners being the customers. The easiest way is to use a modified meter, which runs faster than normal ones; thus allows unscrupulous taxi drivers to rapidly increase the fare. The longer the trip is, the more money they can rip off travelers. Sometimes, taxi drivers can offer tourists some good places to go, just to later on ask for tips. However most of this information can easily be found through post office, maps or from the internet. Better yet, ask a receptionist at your hotel to help. Taking Motorcycle-taxi xe om trip is quite adventurous in Vietnam, even for the locals. Since there is no need for certification or training to become a motorcycle-taxi driver, anyone with a motorbike can use it for this job.


For media contacts or to book speakers, email Media WinterSoldier. During the next three days, more than Vietnam veterans and 16 civilians gave anguished, emotional testimony describing hundreds of atrocities against innocent civilians in South Vietnam, including rape, arson, torture, murder, and the shelling or napalming of entire villages. The witnesses stated that these acts were being committed casually and routinely, under orders, as a matter of policy.

At its height, spokesman John Kerry went before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to accuse the United States military of committing massive numbers of war crimes in Vietnam. The appearance launched Kerry’s political career. The charges he made shocked and sickened a nation, changed the course of a war and stained the reputation of the American military for decades.

Tong cuc Du lich Viet Nam – Thong tin tong hop – Van ban quan ly nha nuoc.

Stretching from the Gulf of Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta feeds more than a third of the country from its rich plantations, orchards, rice paddies and fish farms. Picturesque mountains, beaches and lush islands all make it a favorite destination among tourists, Vietnamese and scuba divers. Amusement and water parks provide fun for everyone with roller coasters and wave pools.

Sapa Where to Stay Surrounded by pictorial mountains, rice terraces and a diversity of hill tribes in the remote northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is a quiet town frequently used as a base for trekking in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains and touring rice paddies and traditional villages. From the town, there are many organized tours that aide tourists in mountain hikes and exploring the nearby rice paddies and remote villages. These tours present views of beautiful waterfalls and the opportunities to experience the food, customs and way of life among the local tribes.

At the heart of Hoi An is its atmospheric Old Town which is small enough to walk around easily. The narrow, winding lanes of the Old Town are lined with beautiful old architecture, traditional wooden houses and hundreds of tailor shops selling clothing, shoes, bags, souvenirs and custom-made services.

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All comfortable class accommodation with private facilities in cities, Guest houses, Home stays and Yurt in the remote areas with basic sharing facilities Guides: Fully escorted by our English speaking guides in each country Tour starting point: Daily- Minimum 2 people required Itinerary Day by day itinerary Day Ashgabat Turkmenistan On arrival at Ashgabat international airport you will be met by our guide and transfer to your hotel, afternoon city tour of Ashgabad, visit Tolkuchka bazaar.

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Vietnam. Ever wanted to don a conical hat and dance with local traffic? Vietnam is the place to do it and we’ve got the tours to match with guided group tours, tailor-made holidays, city breaks and more.

Sa Pa town is 38km from Lao Cai city and km from Hanoi. To get to Sapa, you can choose taking night train or car via a new highway. Tour to Sapa to enjoy the fresh air, green environment, amazing natural scenery, in addition, you also experience the life of indigenous people here. Sapa is a highland district of Lao Cai Province, Sapa is small and quiet but hidden in the wonders of nature. From the city center, you can enjoy the view of the mountain peaks. With Sapa homestay , foreign visitors will experience a lot of interesting things to live together and learn the lifestyle of the ethnic minority.

No matter what time of year the natural beauty of Sapa is beautiful, the best time to travel to Sapa is from April to May and from September to November.

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But the tag team of AIDS and the Internet sparked a new sexual revolution at the turn of the century. Young men and women suddenly had access to information about sex and contraception — taboo subjects largely absent in Vietnamese society under the Communist government. Until this decade the vast majority of Vietnamese brides remained virgins until their wedding day. Economic equality is not catching up quite as fast.

I have been entertained in several Vietnamese homes where the men talked, drank and dined for hours, while the women were relegated to the kitchen, even during dinner. Although a female friend told me that she feels good about this!

Vietnam is like losing yourself in an artist’s masterpiece. The country effortlessly composes traditional scenes in an imaginative style, merging any distinction between visual euphoria and /10().

From an early age, local man Ho Khanh used to spend weeks on end trekking and maneuvering his way through the jungles of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, searching for food and timber to earn a modest income. In while out on a hunting mission, Ho Khanh stumbled across an opening in a limestone cliff and moved forward to investigate. As he approached he noticed clouds billowing out of the entrance, and could hear the sounds of a river raging from somewhere inside the cave.

When he could feel a strong wind also blowing out from the cave, he decided to move on without further inspection. By the time he had returned to his home a few days later, he had forgotten its exact location and thought no more of it. While chatting with Ho Khanh one day, he mentioned to the caving experts that he had found a cave with clouds and a river inside.

Howard and Deb were intrigued and urged Ho Khanh to try and rediscover the cave. After many failed attempts, they began to think this elusive cavern might remain lost in the jungle forever more.

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Explore ancient temples, view green rice fields dotted with conical hats and hear the blaring of horns and chaos of motorbike traffic. Graceful lakes, slow river life, white sand beaches and traditional dishes will delight you. Let’s try Pho rice noodle soup and eat lunch at Pho

The sexual revolution was late to arrive in Vietnam; more accurately, it arrived during the sixties and promptly departed on the last American chopper in But the tag team.

Chat If the allure of the exotic Far East results in a planned visit to Asia, there is then the decision on which destinations to select. Each one has its own special appeal on Asia tours. There are differences in language, history, customs, religions, cuisines and local scenery. Goway offers more than 20 countries in Asia. Click to learn more about Asia by Goway? Vacations to China China is the fastest developing country in the world thus providing the opportunity to see where this destination is heading as well as being able to experience its year history.

Shanghai is, in many ways, the city of the future. Guilin has stunning tropical scenery and landscapes. Suzhou has fascinating canals and ornamental gardens and Kunming is the centre of colourful ethnic minorities. Then there is Tibet with its fabulous and immense Potala Palace, the dramatically beautiful Yangtze River with its fjord-like scenery and the historic Silk Route of China stretching right across the country. All this is just a small part of a large world to be discovered on your China vacation.

It is a land of tradition with its castles, temples and shrines together and with its many special occasions such as the Blossom Festivals. It is also a modern land with its speeding bullet trains and the latest electronic gadgets. The cuisine is unique ranging from ramen noodles and sushi to seaweed tea!

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Vietnam Vacation Packages. Want to book a vacation to Vietnam? Whether you’re off for a romantic vacation, family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, Vietnam vacation packages on TripAdvisor make planning your trip simple and affordable.

Too bad you had bad experiences. But being ripped-off several times certainly adds up the angst! You need a Viet guilder who help you in any places in VN. You need your opened mind to accept whatever happened in your trip. You need to learn JinJang from China-men! The riff-off on any purchases in market is nothing compare to the riff-off between Dollar and Dong Vietnamese money ….

You need to learn economic and trade …. October 11, at 2: Thanks for the heads up. But what I want to know is…if WE did that to the Viets constantly, would they be ok with it?

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Scuba Diving With depths ranging from 20 to 70 feet 5 to 20 meters , for recreational diving, Con Dao offers divers a unique opportunity to explore the amazing variety of underwater life. Explore the untouched and pristine corals, with a chance to see rays, turtles, giant barracuda, cobia, batfish and small bamboo sharks, as well as a whole host of tropical reef fish.

Get your Open Water certification with the Sense Dive team.

Cambodia and Vietnam Tours. Ruins and temple sites dating back to the 6th century, some which have only recently become accessible to visitors, dot the country and multihued wats punctuate towns and cities; evidence of a long and rich cultural heritage. Money.

They are mostly drug addicts or who have been thrown out of better places like dancing clubs in hotels, bars, karaoke…due to their declines in physical appearance. Yes, many girls on the street look quite young especially to the eye of the Westerners. Do not go with them to your places. That is the first rule. Second, you should also avoid karaoke bar. These places are set up only for local guys, who must come in group and often know the owners.

If you go by yourself, you will certainly be robbed. Do not also go to massage parlors, except the ones in mid-range and expensive hotels. These parlors are safe. But they will provide only good massage and a hand job if you tip USD I have seen both happen. Under these circumstances you are at the mercy of these demented, illiterate, pathetic little criminals. This scam happens in both Hanoi and Saigon.

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Going out with a bang here in Vietnam. The past few months have been amazing! I love this country and I will be back soon. One of the best things about this country is the women.

The first Vietnam tours company to offer motorbike tours with female guides exploring the best food and culture in Ho Chi Minh and Hoi An. The first Vietnam tours company to offer motorbike tours with female guides exploring the best food and culture in Ho Chi Minh and Hoi An.

One of the most impressing sculpture statues of Cham – Apsara dancer Vietnam Center Route – a highlight in 2 week itinerary travel package Breakfast at your hotel, then taking leave of Hue. They are divided by only a mountain, but Danang and Hue seem to be different so far. A city of pensiveness and the other is modern and lively. In Danang, we stop at My Khe beach, that is voted one of the most beauty beaches in the World by its long white sand.

After that, we visit Cham museum and gain more knowledge of Cham sculpture art. Move to Hoian 30 minutes on road.

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Day 2 – Hanoi On arrival in Hanoi, we’ll transfer to our hotel. A great way to experience this lively city is aboard cyclos — Vietnam’s answer to the rickshaw. This is a souvenir hunters’ paradise, where old homes and temples vie for attention alongside shops selling silk clothing, silver products and more. Later, we travel by cyclo to the theatre to see the famous Water Puppet show.

Our tours appeal to a wide cross-section of adventurous people from all over the world united by a desire to experience our planet from a grassroots level. Our tours are conducted in English and tend to attract travellers from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Country information Vietnam single tours Travelling alone, but together, that is the ‘single tour’ concept. Discover Vietnam single tours with like-minded travellers where you will have the choice of going your own way or joining in with some group activities once in a while. A single tour of Vietnam is full of variety: Vietnam was part of the former Indochina, together with Laos and Cambodia.

A single tour of Vietnam is definitely worthwhile: A reminder of the glorious past is the Forbidden Purple City, the former palace. Visit the imperial tombs along the Perfume River by bike or boat. Cao Dai is a mix of all sorts of religions. Walking through these underground passageways is a very impressive experience. Visit the colourful market of Hoi An and have your own clothes made for little money during your single tour of Vietnam.

Vietnam has a rich diversity of cultures and influences.

Vietnam Nightlife 2017 – Vlog 143 (bars, cheap beer, girls)